Cycling Holiday in France – Provence “Spoke” Venue

The Olive Garden & The Willow Tree
– “Spoke” Venues for Cyclists

~ The ultimate venues for cyclists ~

A “Spoke” venue means The Olive Garden and The Willow Tree have been specifically chosen to provide high end concierge services for cyclists wanting a holiday in Provence.

If you are a group of cyclists, a cycling club or you would like further information on booking The Olive Garden or The Willow Tree as a “Spoke” venue, please contact Audrey directly where you can be redirected to our Spoke website.

This is a new service we want to provide in this region of France.

Why?  Because it is quite simply the most incredible place ever for road cycling and we want this to be more recognized and shared amongst the cycling community.

An all inclusive, all exclusive package. The equivalent of a top end ski chalet, this is a top end cycling villa!

SPOKE concierge Provence Seasons
Summit of Mont Ventoux

Summit of Mont Ventoux

What can a Spoke venue do for you?

  • Spoke venues can rent high specification bicycles for your holiday, delivered to and from your door
  • Spoke venues provide a specialized garage with an on site bike mechanic to cater for all your bike repairs and maintenance
  • Spoke venues can provide tour vans to follow your routes for additional support and maintenance
  • Spoke venues provide secure indoor storage for all bicycles
  • Spoke venues can provide highly knowledgeable/highly trained cycling tour guides
  • Spoke venues can provide highly knowledgeable tour guides for visiting local cities, villages and places of local or historical interest within the region
  • Spoke venues can provide a high quality, half board catering service using fresh local ingredients and traditional recipies from the region
  • Spoke venues can provide top quality massage services
  • Spoke venues can provide yoga sessions with highly qualified teachers

For more details of how The Olive Garden or The Willow Tree can best accommodate your cycling holiday in Provence,
please contact Audrey directly on: +44 (0)7909 545583
or click here to send a message.

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