What an amazing time of year. This year in particular, the weather has been glorious, sunny every day and 20 degrees!

Provence is perfect for outdoor pursuits, hiking and cycling in particular. The markets are all up and running with their local produce and the Marche de Noel’s are getting underway with specialized gifts and produce for the Christmas Season.

There is a stillness in the air, a fresh breeze and a contemplation for Winter settling in but not being here just yet. We are holding on to the remains of our glorious Autumn.

And finally, all the olives have been picked. We have 7 trees and it always takes us longer than we expect. But sitting in an olive tree, picking away and feeling the sun on your back isn’t what you would call a hard grind. Moreover it reconnects you with nature, a chance to forget the tapping of keys on an iphone or computer and to engulf as much vitamin D as the day will allow.

I am stunned by the beauty of November and would recommend a trip to Provence at this time of year to everyone who likes to escape from life for a while. To engage with the Seasons as they change in front of us. The low lying sun and its intense sunsets, the vibrant Autumn colours, the busyness of folk harvesting the olives, the ramblers and the cyclists, the wood burners and the cosy restaurants.

Welcome to the late Autumn of sunny Provence.

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